CCTV security camera systems are now firmly established as the most cost-effective method for home owners and businesses to protect their property and valuable assets. Snare Digital are reliable local independent specialist installers of surveillance camera systems in Guildford and throughout Surrey, Hampshire and surrounding areas.


As demand for security camera protection has grown throughout the past decade the available technology choices have grown, in-turn making the CCTV systems available more affordable, efficient, and easier to use. The ability to monitor your home or business from your iPad/tablet or smartphone device from anywhere in the world is now a reality for those with just a modest budget available.



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Whether you are a homeowner concerned about the threat of burglary, or a business owner looking to protect your premises from theft/vandalism Snare Digital can help with the installation of a cost effective security camera system that provides you with absolute peace of mind. We use only the latest CCTV camera equipment on the market, providing you with state of the art monitoring solutions such as IP cameras, wireless CCTV systems, motion detection, alongside the full range of hard drive recording and playback systems.

Our experienced CCTV installation experts will provide free professional advice and a quotation whether your requirement is for a complex camera network system for commercial premises, or just a single camera to monitor your home. At Snare Digital we specialise in both home and commercial CCTV camera fitting and maintenance, providing the same level of service excellence to all customers no matter how big or small the job.

Snare Digital come with over ten years experience servicing customers across Guildford, Surrey, and we pride ourselves on the strength of our reputation. If you need a CCTV camera system installation or just would like free professional advice about the options available, please call us for independent impartial assistance. Our Guildford CCTV camera installers operate daily throughout local region so we can usually provide a same day service if required. Please call  for a free, no obligation quotation today.